NATO backed Ukrainian “AZOV” Training Camp for Child Soldiers “Shocking pictures from inside neo-Nazi military camp reveal recruits as young as SIX are being taught how to fire weapons (even though there’s a ceasefire)

. Azov battalion, the far-right militia defending the port city of Mariupol, eastern Ukraine, runs the course for children
. During the week-long course, they teach so-called ‘Azovets’ how to fire weapons and survive in a conflict zone
. Camp comes under command of Andriy Biletsky, who once admitted that the battalion ‘do not like ceasefire at all’
. Conflict broke out in April 2014, when separatists rebelled against rule of Kiev’s new Western-looking government Continue reading

FREE COSSACKIA! – The U.S. recognized Novorossiya as independent in 1959

“It looks like a legalistic joke, but US authorities formally recognized independence of the territory, part of which is now Donbass, back in 1959 when adopting the Captive Nations Week Resolution, reissued annually for the last 56 years.

The Captive Nations Week Resolution (also known as Public Law 86-90) was introduced under President Dwight D. Eisenhower over half a century ago, reports Global Research, but has retained its relevance and significance until now.

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Why the “Values” and the “Human Rights” of the West are Bullshit

Remember: Russia explored Siberia and its native Inhabitants WITHOUT a genocide.

How the Ukrainian Civil War began

April 21, 2014 The first victims of the Civil War: U.S. funded Euromaidan nationalists from the “Pravyj Sektor” murdered three unarmed civilians in Slavyansk.

The self defence forces of the Antimaidan – the People’s Militia under the command of Igor (Strelkov) Girkin – stopped the murderers and saved the lifes of many peaceful civilians, the Pravyj Sektor militants died in the first firefight of this NATO backed Civil War. Continue reading

Ukraine Merges Nazis and Islamists

Consortium News: Ukraine’s post-coup regime is now melding neo-Nazi storm troopers with Islamic militants – called “brothers” of the hyper-violent Islamic State – stirring up a hellish “death squad” brew to kill ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine, on Russia’s border, reports Robert Parry.

In a curiously upbeat account, The New York Times reports that Islamic militants have joined with Ukraine’s far-right and neo-Nazi battalions to fight ethnic Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine. It appears that no combination of violent extremists is too wretched to celebrate as long as they’re killing Russ-kies.

The article by Andrew E. Kramer reports that there are now three Islamic battalions “deployed to the hottest zones,” such as around the port city of Mariupol. One of the battalions is headed by a former Chechen warlord who goes by the name “Muslim,” Kramer wrote, adding: Continue reading

Polish soccer fans seize UPA flag

Fort Russ, Translated from Russian and Polish by J.Hawk: “Our activists captured this flag from banderite Ukrainians in Warsaw, before May 14. This flag is not a Dnepr-Seville match trophy, it was captured two weeks earlier. Therefore I am asking everyone who states that it’s a flag that was captured after the match to correct this information.

To everyone who wants to bring such rags onto Polish soil–this is a flag of those who murdered Poles in 1943. If you want to support Ukraine study its history before making yourself out to be a political expert. Take an interest in the Odessa tragedy–where the Ukrainians murdered over 40 Russians, where they cut a woman in two.

Inform yourself about the incident on the Lvov-Przemysl route. The neo-banderites waving that stinking rag set on fire 20 meters of the road, while making the passengers yell “Glory to Heroes!”.

Maybe the separatists are not all that bad? I am not saying they are perfect, but why are they there? Because of the Odessa tragedy. Maybe the banderites wanted to carry out a second Volhyn-type massacre? They are killing women and children on the Donbass.” and Novorossia Today about our Facebook pages “Donbass Revolution” and “Novorossiya”, which was banned on July, 8 / 2015


On July, 8 several major Facebook pages in English supporting Donbass in the current civil conflict in Ukraine were banned at the same time. These pages are: (22000 likes) (18000 likes) (10000 likes) (14000 likes)
Banning procedure used for pages was probably mass cheat complaints to content of pages by bots or mass attraction of so-called Internet Army of Ukraine. Thus, directly deceiving Facebook Team, destructive forces managed to remove resources, bringing an alternative view on the events in the South-East of Ukraine. Censorship is not acceptable in the free world!

Tip: Internet Army of Ukraine is users, trolls and bloggers coordinated and paid by Kiev that spread “truthful information” on the situation in Donbass or in other words: spread Ukrainian propaganda.

FaceSpook has removed YES REMOVED Save Donbass People From the Ukrainian Army because it was getting so popular. It was a humanitarian page, with 14,000 likes, wanting nothing more than PEACE and a STOP to shelling of civilian areas.